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Contact Us 📱https// 🏢 Jamie Chia Marketing (002909667-U) 📧 [email protected] 🌐 ShopShopHappy is your friendly online shop where we provide you with Gifts, Fashion Apparel, Accessories, Luggage, Bags, Sports Accessories, and Health Supplements as well. All products sold are genuine and original. Our price is very competitive and service is our main priority towards our customers. Wholesale and retail are both available, come and talk to us. 乐陶陶一家网上小品店,主营各式的产品, 佳节礼品,男女服装, 配饰, 箱包,包包, 运动装备何保健品等等。本店所卖的产品都是正品。 价格实惠,薄利多销, 服务至上是我们执业的理念。 零售批发一律欢迎 ! 如有兴趣购买商品可以留言于店主, 确认有货才付款, 本店会尽快联络阁下。谢谢 😊 ⚠️ ⚠️请注意: 冷冻食品🥘🍗🥩,蔬菜🥦🥕🍆🍅,水果🍎🍌🌽🥚外坡暂时都一律面交为准。 🔅面交地区只限居銮和芙蓉市区。只有在巴生谷,吉隆坡,雪兰莪一带才有送货🚙。日后服务提升后会另行通知。 🔅如在面交区运费一律免费。注意:運費不是“自動”加入帳單,請[點選]合適的一項。 Copyright © 2018 Jamie Chia Marketing. All rights reserved.